Riverside has 3 dams stocked with rainbow and brown trout. These dams are open all year round and are stocked annually with trout from the local Kamberg Trout Hatchery.
You can fish for Wild Brown Trout along both banks of a 6km stretch of the Mooi River, one of the last remaining Wild Brown Trout rivers.

River fishing is closed from the 31st May until the 1st September.

There is a Bellís Kamberg Flyfishing Festival held annually, usually during the month of April or May. Contact us for more details.

Read the news article: Flyfishing,
Vol 13, No. 60


There are a number of self-guided walks into the surrounding mountains, else you can hike at the adjacent Kamberg Nature Reserve, a highlight being the walk to view the Bushman Rock Art.
Game and Bird Viewing
While walking or driving on the farm, it is possible to see Southern Reed Buck, Oribi, Duiker, Eland, Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, Vaal Rhebok and Blesbuck.

There is an abundance of birdlife. The Secretary Bird and the endangered Wattled Crane can often be seen in the fields.
  The Vulture Restaurant
The endangered Bearded Lammergeyer and the common Cape Vulture can be seen when a carcass has been put out at the Vulture Restaurant.